Re-Open During Covid 19 Phase 3

Just a note to say we are attending homes again. Luckily, our semi-isolated communities did not have any community spread so I feel fairly safe and just ask that you let me know in advance if you’ve been attending group meets of any kind outside the Sunshine Coast. Let’s keep the Sunshine Coast safe for […]

The Drone Report

What else can set your imagination soaring like taking to the skies for an aerial view of a thing or situation.  Where else can you take the whole of a matter into perspective but from the air? How much time and money could be saved with one quick view from above? Why doesn’t everyone own one? […]

Interview with Len at DVI

You’ve been servicing PC’s in a small community for a long time – almost 2 decades at this location. Tell us what that’s like. In the beginning, it was a real change. For me, I really thought we’d be only a little further into the burbs but basically the same. It was a bit of […]