AMD recently launched the RX480 graphics card which took the gaming community by surprise for the performance it offered at the $200-$250 price range. It quickly rose up the charts for recommended graphics card in the mid-range. To no one’s surprise, Nvidia launched the GeForce GTX 1060 which trickles down some of the best GTX 1080 and 1070 performance to the same price band that AMD is targeting. Nvidia is calling it as a next generation GTX 980 which is more efficient and way cheaper. The GPU is VR ready and ships for $249 (US) starting July 19 in the US. We are watching our supplier here in Canada but so far we can’t list the 1060 product here yet, but we do have the 1070. The 1070’s are running $600 and up so I’m guessing the 1060’s should be around $375-450 Cdn. ?Maybe? Stay tuned.