Computer Repair Services in Sechelt and Along the Sunshine Coast

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DVI_Tech_computer_repair_service_sechelt_gibsons_sunshine_coastFast Effective Computer Repair Services in Sechelt & Gibsons

DVI will fix your computer fast in Sechelt and around the Sunshine Coast. With over 30 years experience in computer repair both in Vancouver and here on the Sunshine Coast of BC, Len has the background to quickly evaluate a slow or non-booting PC and return it to health without affecting your data. We adopted the maxim from the medical profession: First do no harm.

Just about every family has a member who can re-install Windows and this will often solve a problem, at least in the short term. But where did your stuff go? The old emails, address book, internet bookmarks and above all – pictures. In this digital age your history and identity can be wiped from a computer in seconds, leaving you to pick up the pieces. For DVI, First Do No Harm means we proceed carefully. Picking through the clues to find the culprit responsible for the behavior we repair your computer or replace the malfunctioning part without losing your data.

Business and home networking

DVI Tech networking computersNetworking services are handled quickly and securely to enable wireless communication between your devices. We keep your computers and printers talking to each other and sharing between them safely and easily. We can assist in either locking your network down from intruders or creating a free zone for guests to access your WiFi. We can also provide equipment and support to extend your wireless network to dead zones and set up a local cloud for company-wide access.

Data Backup

set it and forget it data backup by DVI TechThose two words usually strike at least a little fear in the hearts of many users, home and business alike. Either they don’t have a system in place or it’s been so long since it was set up nobody can remember much about it. We have attended more system crashes where the studious attention to regular backups by the user were all for naught.

  • The original setup of the backups was either wrong or out of date
  • The data was encrypted by the backup software and the software was no longer supported or not readily available
  • The data began with a full backup but required hours of incremental restores to bring the systems back to where they were before the crash

At DVI we spend some time getting to know what you do with your computers and what data is important to you. We create an automated backup system that works efficiently in the background and is fully accessible at the file level by you across the network. In almost all cases our proficiency at data recovery means we don’t rely much on backups, but our users do. Going back in time to easily find a deleted or changed file saves time and money, and that’s what DVI is about.

Data Recovery

If you’re already suffering from a data loss we may be able to help. Depending on the type of crash we are usually able to recover the data in our shop. Data Recovery by DVI will not exceed $250 and if no data is recovered, only a basic bench fee is charged. If we can’t get the data, the only people who can will have a “clean-room” – and charges begin in the range of about $800. We can assist you in obtaining this service as well.

Virus/Malware/Speed up

“My computer wasn’t this fast when I bought it”, “this is the fastest it’s ever run”. Doing the same things over and over again makes you better at it and we certainly have cleaned up a lot of PC’s. This can be the most overlooked problem with computer repairs on the Sunshine Coast. We’re a patient lot! The problem with being patient with a slower and slower system is it’s really trying to tell you there’s stuff going on that you can’t see and the longer you wait, the worse it gets. Save yourself a bigger bill and headache by calling us sooner rather than later. The sooner we can stop an infection the easier it is to get you back up to speed.DVI Tech Computer cleanup makes your PC run faster

Likewise with poor performance. Systems come from the factory loaded with “bloatware”. Trial software the manufacturer was paid to install and can affect load times, memory usage, etc. We can come to your home and install your new PC, move any data from the old one or network it into your existing setup, and get you productive again within a couple of hours.

We’re not selling maintenance contracts or retainers, we’re here to respond quickly, get the problem resolved and get out of your hair. Except for massive, office-wide moves or upgrades, we’re usually in and out within a couple of hours, and all is restored to normal. Business customers can expect an added urgency on our part. A call in the morning will get us there the same day, hopefully within 2 hours. Our business clients spend less on average year to year with our services than with most other computer repair services here.

Fair Pricing

As of July 30, 2019

On-Site Home or Office Visit $85

In-Shop (bring to us) $75

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