IT Contractors Info Page

Representing Your Company on the BC Sunshine Coast

DVI Tech provides warranty and out-of-warranty support for third-party IT contractors in Canada and the USA. With a proven track record in IT support since 1989, DVI Tech is equipped to better support your operations Info-Tech needs on the Sunshine Coast.

DVI has been providing third-party support for communications equipment installation in restaurants and offices on the Sunshine Coast for years. Providing telco hookups to demarc, installation and testing of Cisco routers and wifi modems in everything from a fast food franchise to a banks back-end, DVI Tech has the experience and equipment to get your job done quickly and professionally.

If you are looking for on-site installation, warranty support or after warranty contract maintenance for commercial printers, Len at DVI will ensure your customer is treated promptly and with the technical expertise you expect. From basic parts replacement in a sheet-feed or scanner through to full replacement of fuser assemblies, we will get the job done promptly and efficiently.

For prompt and courteous third-party tech support on the Sunshine Coast, depend on DVI to get the job done!

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