The Drone Report

What else can set your imagination soaring like taking to the skies for an aerial view of a thing or situation.  Where else can you take the whole of a matter into perspective but from the air? How much time and money could be saved with one quick view from above? Why doesn’t everyone own one?

For the first time in the history of civilization we can send an eye into the sky, watching live from our controller and able to edit and save it on a PC. Whether you want to scan the roof and eaves or survey a waterfront property, drones are not only indispensable, they’ve become ridiculously affordable. And no-one seems to have noticed!

Any businessman looking for a competitive edge in todays marketplace should be looking hard at drones. Stable 4 propeller drones with high definition video capabilities can be had for under $2000 CAD, with commercial quality UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) starting around $500. MOTA, a leader in commercial grade drones, is readying robotic hands as an upgrade option to the 6000 and 8000 lines of their product, enabling even more efficiency and cost savings for a wise investor looking to capitalize on advancing tech.

From the real estate salesperson to the contractor, a couple of flights can easily pay you back in time and expense. And there’s always the added bonus of the wow factor. Let’s face it, everyone is fascinated with this tech and if your client or prospect even thinks you might use one on his project, he’ll probably choose you.

And don’t worry too much about learning how to use it. The better drones have one touch take off and landing software to let you concentrate on getting the pictures you need.

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