Shipping, Warranty and Returns

In almost all cases your order will be shipped from within Canada and should arrive at your doorstep within 7 days. We depend primarily on 2 warehouses in Canada, one in the East (ON) and one in the West (BC). Most in stock items will be shipped the same day you order and you will likely receive it within 24 hours. If it ships across the country due to availability issues the delivery time would increase to 3 to 5 business days.

If you receive a product from us that is either the wrong item or is in some way damaged or unusable you must make us aware of the issue in the first 10 days after receipt so that we can arrange a return and replacement in the shortest amount of time. You will not be asked to pay for any additional shipping charges at that time. If properly working units are returned for no reason (no problem found as described by the customer prior to returning it) a credit will not be issued and you will be charged for any shipping charges DVI has incurred in the process.

If an item develops issues after 14 days you will need to contact the manufacturer or their representatives here in Canada directly. We do not provide warranty service of any kind. All warranty services are provided by the manufacturer or its representatives. Manufacturers maintain the best source of inventory and technician training to provide these services in the shortest amount of time.