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Gaming, exploration, business, and creativity. Every aspect of our lives today are impacted by technology in the home, and on the go. And with the number of threats in the form of privacy, security, and safety, it’s more important than ever to have a professional tech keep you up to date and out of trouble. At DVI our first rule is Do Know Harm. Whenever we go deeper we do a backup of relevant data first, ensuring that one wrong click doesn’t lose your pictures, written works, and financial data. That said, you should always do your own backups BEFORE sending your PC out with a tech, or especially, a “friend who knows computers”. We also provide our clients with assistance purchasing a new computer. We’ll suggest the right specs for the job, and email a few good prices we’ve found through our contacts in the industry. We don’t charge for the service, as long as it’s a new or existing customer who plans to have us to the move from the old PC to the new.

A new PC requires:

  1. copy relevant data from old and onto the new
  2. check add-on programs and “bloatware” that may have shipped with the computer
  3. setup internet and printer connections (cabled or wirelessly)
  4. set email on the new computer
    1. we’ll need your email address and email password (many people don’t think they have an email password because it’s setup once and then forgotten about. Be sure to check with your internet service provider in advance if you’ve forgotten yours!
  5. if not already on imap, move and configure old emails, contacts and messages to the new computer
  6. make recommendations on power protection, malware protection and the like

Computer Service and Repairs: Sechelt, Gibsons, Halfmoon Bay

DVI Tech has been fixing PC’s since 1989, before Windows or the internet! For reliable experienced PC computer service, our longevity speaks for itself. If you’re looking for on-site or in-shop computer repairs on the Sunshine Coast please visit our Computer Repair Services page.