Philips Voice Tracer Portable Digital Recorder


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Record Meetings, Classes or Reminders with Voice Tracer

Choose from five different models designed for optimal audio quality in a variety of settings, including recording notes, conversations, lectures, meetings plus an option to get started with speech recognition. The entire lineup comes with increased storage space, allowing users to capture 8 GB of audio files. Extended battery life ensures you can record for days without charging. The new Philips Voice Tracer lineup features high-definition audio quality, color display, robust design and now 8 GB internal memory!

Each Voice Tracer model offers an innovative recording technology, which aims to enhance the main recording activities of users.

  • Stereo microphones (DVT2510) are designed to deliver clear voice recordings and reduce background noise in loud environments.
  • The DVT2710 comes with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software to transform recordings into text.
  • AutoAdjust+ for conversations (DVT4010) has been specially developed for constantly changing environments and adjusts the appropriate sound parameters automatically.
  • 3Mic AutoZoom+ technology for lectures and interviews (DVT6010) suppresses surrounding noises, while zooming in on the speaker’s voice.
  • The 360° plate-shaped meeting microphone with the DVT8010 meeting recorder picks up sound from every angle to perfectly record meetings.

Dictation for Business in a variety of Settings

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Phillips Voice Tracer

DVT 2710, DVT 4010, DVT 6010, DVT 8010, DVT-2510