MOTA Pro-Live 5000 Camera Drone


720p Business Class Camera Drone

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Own the MOTA Pro-Live 5000 Camera Drone

With 6 motors for the finest in maneuverability and performance, The Pro-Live 5000 captures video at 720p and can be streamed live to the controller LED. Easily get a birds eye view on building lots, concert footage…the possibilities are endless. With 6 motors control for perfect pictures and video is outstanding. Less than 14 inches from tip to tip and under 6 ounces, you’ll be in and out of tight spaces in a flash.

Built with smarts, the Live-Pro 5000 returns to base when it loses signal. Automated one-touch take-off and landing makes it business ready.

Gain a competitive advantage with your own private eye in the sky. Buy now and get free shipping.


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