UP Mini 3D Desktop Printer


Fabulous chance to start 3D printing at home or in your office. Good quality and easy to use.

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Just Get a UP Mini 3D Printer For Now!

Sure prices will still come down some over the next few years as the technology matures but how long are you willing to sit on the sidelines? 3D printing does to DIY what the internet did to information. It levels the playing field so you can get in a build some prototypes, repair a collar on thingamajig or just have fun. It makes you start looking at everything differently.

The UP mini 3D printer is a desktop printer that is as easy to use as a traditional inkjet. At its highest resolution of 0.2mm layer thickness it produces great detail at good speed. Its innovative magnet coupling print head design allows for an easy installation and replacement of print head. UP mini’s enclosed design protects children from hot parts, making the product suitable for homes and schools. When used with UP Filament and UP software you or your students can start their 3D printing adventures immediately. Excellent print quality with a great entry-level price, UP mini is your best choice for your first 3D printer.

Don’t watch from the sidelines. Get in on the game with your own 3D Printer from UP.




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